Prefabricated Wooden Houses


As a standard, we have 4 different models that we produce for now.

These are; YONCA, ARDIC, ARDIC-2 and CEVİZ models.

In addition, for our valued customers, our wooden houses can be designed for you by our architects and engineers with the features you want. We; According to these designs, we take pleasure in producing prefabricated wooden houses where you can live a comfortable and happy life.

Model Called: YONCA

Ahşap Ev

YONCA MODEL; It is the smallest of our prefabricated wooden houses (0+1).

It is a demountable wooden structure resting on a wooden pile foundation. The foundation of the building can be wooden piles or a reinforced concrete platform with a height of 30+35cm.The indoor area of ​​Yonca Nature House is 15.71M2 and the patio part is 7.37M2.Unlike our other nature houses, the patio of Yonca Nature House is covered with a roof. Therefore; It is possible to use it as a closed winter garden by closing the glass balcony when necessary. The living room, which is used together with the open kitchen, consists of a shower, toilet and storage. Our Yonca House has been produced with a completely prefabricated system understanding. In our wood factory in Kastamonu Organized Industrial Zone, panel walls are produced and combined at the construction site to create a wooden house.

frame house yonca

frame house yonca

Model Called: ARDIÇ

Ahşap Ev

ARDIÇ MODEL: It is a medium size nature house (1+1).

It can be installed on wooden pile foundations as well as on 30-35 cm reinforced concrete foundations. All panel walls are prepared perfectly in our wooden factory. For this reason, the installation process in the field can be done in a very short time.

The indoor area of ​​Ardıç Model is 30.77M2 and the patio part is 10.14M2.

in the front room, there are sitting group sofas and an open kitchen. At the back, there is a very useful storage room with a door opening to the outside, and a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.  Patio ha no any roof. But, if the customers wnst, it is possible to consruct a roof.

frame house ardıç frame house ardıç

Model Called: ARDIÇ-2

prefabricates wooden houseOur ARDIC-2 Model wooden house has the same plan scheme as our ARDIC Model wooden house.
Again, there is a large and useful room in the front, a sofa group and open kitchen cabinets in the room.

Likewise, the door of the warehouse at the back opens to the outside. Thus, it is not necessary to go through the room inside the house to put the garden tools in the warehouse. This prevents the room from getting dirty.

As in all our models; In this model, there is a bathroom at the back, next to the storage.

The most important difference of our ARDIC-2 model from our ARDIC Model is; the patio part is taken to the side and covered with a roof. Thus, we have also fulfilled the wishes of our customers who want a house with a covered patio.

frame house ardıç-2frame house ardıç-2

Model Called: CEVİZ


CEVİZ  MODEL : It is the biggest of our wooden houses (2+1).

The foundations of our WALNUT Model, as in our other prefabricated wooden houses, mostly consist of wooden piles placed in the opened pits and fixed with concrete.
Another alternative foundation is to be mounted on a reinforced concrete platform.
Like our other three different wooden house systems, our WALNUT model wooden house is also partially prefabricated.

The ground floor area of ​​Ceviz Doğa Evi is 36.64m2, the roof area is 13.59m2, and the patio part is 10.43m2. It is 60,66M2 in total including the patio.

It consists of living room, bedroom, shower, toilet and storage, used together with an open kitchen. In addition to these, there is a room in the attic.

frame house ceviz

frame house ceviz