This new Heck you to Runs: Season 1 [ ]

Brock try a sort, daring, and full blunt guy just who cares regarding the their family members. He’s together with ready to put himself on the line to own more a good, and firmly believes as to what the guy believes excellent.

However, Brock is actually very likely to are irrational and intense toward individuals who possess an excellent purposes. Despite this, he or she is brief to forgive that is willing to find some thing off their angle.

Pre-Apocalypse [ ]

Not much is well known regarding Brock’s existence before the apocalypse, aside from he lived-in Kentucky together with Article-Apocalypse [ ]

In apocalypse, the guy and his dad discovered Amy and you may Gabriel and you may in this, Brock’s father try slain and Brock been a relationship with Amy. Sooner or later, the 3 registered Rock Mountain, and you may Brock are assigned to become a wood worker in addition to Gabriel and Jonathan.

An alternative Delivery [ ]

Brock produces 1st appearance when he and you can Jonathan to and you may communicate with Gabriel and you may Quentin Dubois, and is mad once he hears out of Thomas’s actions into the Quentin. Immediately Mackay hookup after encouraging Jonathan so you’re able to problem Thomas’s leaders, he’s attacked by the an effective lurker, but is conserved from the Gabriel. Much more lurkers appear, and you will Brock and you may Quentin are able to make it to protection. Although not, Gabriel and Jonathan is split away from Quentin and you may Brock, and you may Gabriel is nearly killed when Honest needs to leave Gabriel and you will Jonathan at the rear of, exasperating Brock. Then witnesses Quentin amputate Jonathan’s fist immediately after he or she is bitten, and helps Jonathan back to Material Hill.

Later one to night, Brock is shown to have got an adequate amount of Thomas, and you can, as well as Gabriel and you can Amy, assist Quentin avoid Rock Slope in addition to her or him. It is very showed that Brock, as discipline getting trying, is actually assigned to evening obligations. From inside the refrain, the guy will get guns on the armory that will be nearly trapped by Colby, but is able to convince your to go out of. External, Brock suggests to Quentin that he took one of the radios from Material Hill and that the guy arrangements on the y, and now have discovers throughout the Quentin’s homosexuality, which he try embarrassed of the due to your complimenting Quentin and you will claiming he needs a girlfriend. In the course of time, Brock witnesses Jonathan’s passing at the hands of Thomas, that will be infuriated at that, and it requires Amy to guide your aside. The team and then make they with the train station, and you will, once Gabriel steps in a bear trap, Brock attempts to conserve your. Gabriel are conserved, and you may gets in station, where classification is actually held during the gunpoint by the Gary Harrison. Because Gary keeps him or her hostage, Brock tells maybe not hurt Amy, if in case Gary lets her or him go, he or she is suspicious over Gary’s demand to aid him, upcoming are responsible once the guy realizes what he setting. When Brock hears regarding the Amy increasing on the top so you’re able to let Quentin, he could be reluctant, but Amy reassures him.

After the lurkers is actually led out that have a subway, Brock praises Quentin, and y. Before Brock normally propose, they are disturbed because of the radio, and that suggests that Rock Hill was breached because of the illustrate. Once an effective horde happens, Brock contains the idea to use exploit carts to escape, and helps force the fresh cart that is able to avoid.

From the Rock Slope, he, also Quentin and you may Gary go down to assist the fresh new residents, and he could possibly rescue several. When Thomas comes, he yells from the Brock that he’s a great traitor. Whenever Andrew acknowledges one to Thomas murdered Jonathan and you will forces others to face down, Brock blows Lionel and you may disarms him. Brock eventually witnesses Thomas’s death as a result of Seth, and you can requires just who Seth try.

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